Executive Benefits

Executive Disability Insurance and žExecutive Life Insurance

An executive benefits program is essential for recruiting top tier talent who will contribute to your company’s growth and profitability. A well-designed executive benefits program provides incentives—beyond traditional qualified retirement and group insurance plans—that help attract new executives and retain and protect talent over time.

A disability could be devastating to the income and accumulation goals of executives on your team. In an era that has emphasized stock options and bonus compensation, executives may find their performance pay is not part of their current supplemental disability equation. As an employer, you want to provide adequate coverage to key executives on a cost-effective basis. Understanding the risk, assessing the income protection needs of your key employees, and designing effective solutions that benefit both the employer and the employees can make a significant difference.

The flexible nature of many modern life insurance policies provides a powerful means to address a wide range of personal or business situations. For companies, it can provide funds to aid in executive recruitment and retention, business succession or continuation, and debt protection.

Effective executive benefits programs help meet the personal needs and goals of executives within the context of the overall corporate financial goals of your business.