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Deferred Tax Strategies

Nonqualified plans, such as 409A Deferred Compensation Plans or Supplemental Retirement Plans, allow you to invest with pre-tax dollars creating a much larger deferral opportunity. Over 95% of medium and large public companies offer non-qualified plans(1).

Nonqualified plans are usually custom designed to meet specific company objectives, but most allow a highly compensated employee to defer income taxation on salary, bonus, and long-term incentives. The amounts deferred can far exceed the limitations on qualified plans that accumulate quicker. The executive can then allocate the deferrals to a variety of investment options and select a future date and installment payments for distribution.

The efficiency of nonqualified plans can assist eligible employees to effectively plan for various future financial events all at the same time including college education for children, enhance retirement income, and/or save for a boat or second home.

These plans help recruit, retain, and motivate your key employees. Pay-for-performance can be enhanced by adding a company match or contribution that is linked to achievement of corporate goals.

MBS Financial has the experience to be your deferred compensation plan consultant with every aspect of a nonqualified plan.

1 Current Practices in Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation. Newport Group, 2019.

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