Basic Accounting for ICOLI

ICOLI can provide improvements to your investment returns, but how do you handle this asset on your books?

ICOLI Accounting

ICOLI accounting is straight forward.

GAAP Reporting

    • ICOLI surrender value is reported as an “Other Asset” on your balance sheet. (ASC 325-30)
    • Changes in surrender value are reported as “Other Income” on your income statement. (ASC 325-30)

Statutory Reporting

    • ICOLI is considered an “Admitted Asset”. (SSAP 21(6))
    • ICOLI surrender value is reported on line 25 of the assets side of the balance sheet as “Aggregate write-ins other-than-invested asset”.
    • The specifics of the year-to-year change in the ICOLI values are then added to the detail lines 2501-2598 of the assets side of the balance sheet.
    • Changes in surrender value are reported on line 14 of the income statement as “Details of write-ins aggregated at line 14 for miscellaneous income”.
    • The specifics of the change in the ICOLI values are then added to the detail lines 0501-0598 of the income statement.

If your goal is to increase returns without increasing underlying investment risk, then consider ICOLI.


Would you like to explore how ICOLI can affect your company’s portfolio returns? Please reach out or schedule a call via this link.


Who is MBS?

MBS is a highly specialized corporate consulting firm with more than $13 billion dollars of our clients’ corporate investments. We manage over 225 corporate ICOLI and nonqualified plans.  Importantly, we do not replace your current investment advisors.

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