Supplemental Employee Term Life Insurance

Today’s economic environment and health concerns have many thinking differently about their financial plans.  Life insurance has taken on a renewed prominence at the forefront of American’s lives, while providers have been innovating more efficient ways to offer coverage.

Competitive Online Term Life Insurance Marketplace

In accordance with all aspects of everyday life moving more online, life insurers have developed online: applications, underwriting, issuance, and payment processing – all steps which used to be done in person.  This result has led to several highly rated life insurers offering large death benefits at competitive rates with minimal underwriting requirements.

Voluntary Benefit Offering

Online platforms and decreased underwriting requirements have made offering flexible, voluntary benefits easier and more effective than ever.  By giving your employees and their immediate family the ability to apply and receive coverage all from the comfort of their own home, you can help solve one of the biggest concerns individuals and families are facing today.

If you are interested in offering additional term life insurance to your employees, Mullin Barens Sanford Financial will work with you to develop communication materials and guide your employees through the process.  Schedule a call here to learn more.


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